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Who am I Essay
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Evan Doi

English 4

Period 2



Who Am I

            I am Evan Doi, the guy that is willing to go the extra mile for a friend.  I am a caring yet shy person, a person that believes in my goals and values, and a person that wouldn't change a thing about him.  With my goals and values in place and my confidence in myself and those around me I am able to be the person that I am.


            Someone's physical appearance is the cover in which people judge by.  I believe that the clothes I wear are my best physical attribute.  My clothes show that I am a clean cut and calm person. But unfortunately people can't tell who I am just by my clothes.  If people would just look past my height they could see more in me. I'm the shortest person in my group of friends which puts me some what at the end of the ladder. If only people could see past my height they could see how big of a person I can be. Someone might judge me just because of the way I look, but if they could just get to know me and see my personality they can see me in a whole new way.



A person's personality is a gateway into who they are.  With my personality people can see how much of a good person that I am.  Most people see me as a nice caring person someone that is willing to help someone out when they need it.  But my shyness prevents me from meeting new people.  But the personality that my parents and siblings see is a lot different than what my friends see.  When I'm at home I am a shy yet quiet person.  But if you catch me out with my friends you will notice that I am a fairly loud and outgoing person.  Though a person's personality can show you who they are ones goals and values can show you there true self.



            To go far in life a person needs high goals and values.  Though people don't usually look to see were they think they'll be in the future I constantly keep my eye on it.  In five years I can see myself living a nice life on the beaches of Hawaii.  But hopefully I can live this future with someone that I love.  With my values I am a caring person that is willing to help out friends.  I am always willing to help out friends when ever they need.  But I only whish that one day I can find a girl that I can give all the caring and kindness that I can give.  With high goals and high values I can only hope that life will treat me as good as I have treated it.


            With the right attitude and the sense that life is great I am able to live the knowledge that everything is going right so far. With compassion and a confidence in who I am I am able to go through life knowing I am an asset to my friends. That's why I'm the guy that's willing to go the extra mile for a friend. 

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