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A Meaningful Life Essay
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Expository Essay



            To live a meaningful life is to fulfill every dream one person can desire. But to live a meaningful life one must go through trials and tribulations in order to achieve such a high and meaningful goal.  One can reveal these trials and tribulations just by living an everyday life wither it be encountering the same moment over again in your mind until one got it right, or if someone took a leap of faith to save another persons life, or if the ultimate trial was presented and a person had to stare death in the face just to achieve a meaningful life.


            In some case one wish's to relive a moment in time just to try and obtain a dream they might have missed before.  This example of away to achieve a meaningful life is portrayed well in the movie "Groundhog Day" (a modern day adaptation of Everyman).  In the movie the main character Phil relives the same day over and over again. In the beginning Phil finds this to be amusing and uses it to his advantage. But later on Phil realizes that this is not the life he wants.  So Phil goes on a stint to try and help people in hopes that it can alter his decisions in the past and help him live his life. But in the end Phil realizes that its not the people around him that he needs to save it's the people close to him.  With this realization Phil had finally reached his level of happiness and was able to achieve the meaningful life he always needed. But is relieve a moment in time to alter it to help one reach a meaningful enough or can an act of courage and kindness help reach this level.


            With the many things a man can do to reach a level of satisfaction or meaning in his life there is nothing like an act of courage that can help raises a man to such a pristine level.  But can such a man truly be real, that answer is yes these men are police officers and firefighters, but even the average person can be man of such great praise.  In the news article "The Man in the Water" (a true life tale of a man battling nature to save the lives of others) such a man does live.  In the article there is mention of other rescuers that helped out.  Such as the police rescue men that came in a helicopter or the man that was walking by and jumped in.  When asked why they did it the rescue personnel claimed that it was all in the line of duty. And the man that jumped in said that it "it's something I never thought I would do". But the was the thinking and mind set of another man that takes this story to a new height.  Though this man died it was his actions that lifted him to such a level to a meaningful life.  This man did what most probably wouldn't. As the rescue helicopter came back and forth the man would pass the life vest on to the next person with total disregard of his own life this man sacrificed himself to save the lives of others.  With his death he had passed the trials life sets before each one of us in obtaining a meaningful life. As true to this story does death have to face us before we realize wither or not we have lived a meaningful life.


            Most people take life for granted and are only worried about worldly possessions. But does it take death itself to have us stop and think and wonder if our life has been meaningful.  There is such a story that shows us what a man might due in the face of death.  In the story Everyman (which is a medieval morality play depicting how a man can find true bliss in a single emotion) Everyman finds himself facing death face to face.  He ask death to give one day to find someone to go with him.  Like everyman Everyman first goes to friendship.  But like real life friendship it only goes so far. The second is possession.  But he realizes that his possession will do nothing for him after death.  But finally he finds what will truly stay with him even after death.  Everyman goes after his good deeds though his good deeds are small it is something that will stay by him through thick and thin.  Its is only after this realization that Everyman finally sees how meaningful his life is and not even death can take such a glorious thing away from him.


            But can a man reach such a level of bliss through death, courage, or good deeds alone. Or is there some way that we can live a meaningful life just by living or must we subject our selves to these trials that life sets before us.

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