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Groundhog Day video worksheet
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Evan Doi

English 4

Period 2






Ground Hogs Day Paragraphs


1. Describe your first impressions of Phil's personality. Give three specific examples to support this.

            In the movie "Groundhog Day" the viewer meets the main character Phil. Now Phil's personality is one that stands out in this movie. Phil when first introduced comes off as an arrogant man.  The viewer sees this when in the beginning when talking about a producer Phil refers to himself as higher than she is.  He also shows his arrogance by thinking that a major news station is after him.  Phil is also shown as a smart aleck. He is shown by this by making witty remarks toward anyone that he doesn't wish to talk to.  One of these moments is when he walks down into the parlor of the Bed and Breakfast and makes a witty remark towards the lady that runs the place.

2. In what ways does Phil mirror the actions of Everyman at the beginning of the film? 



3. Rita says, "Egocentric-it's your defining characteristic." What does she mean by this and do you agree with her? Why or why not?

            In the movie Groundhog Day the producer Rita makes a comment to Phil.  Her comment is "Egocentric-it's your defining characteristic".  What she means by this is that Phil is very egotistical. One example of Phil's egotistical nature is in the beginning when he's says to his co-anchor that there is a major news station that interested in him. The way he says this is in a sarcastic way. I believe with Rita and I do think that Phil is very egotistical. I agree because through out the beginning of the movie you see how Phil acts towards other people and how he just thinks about himself and no one else. 


4. Phil's life gets stuck on February 2nd. In this sense, he has "no tomorrow." Do you agree or disagree with him that there would be ..."no consequences-we could do whatever we wanted," if there was no tomorrow? Why or why not?

            If there was no tomorrow I would agree with Phil in saying that "no consequences- we could do whatever we wanted".  Because if there was no tomorrow then there would be no regrets.  In a sense if there was no tomorrow a person would want to live out their wildest dreams with the notion that whatever they do has no consequences.  So I would have to agree with Phil that if there was no tomorrow a person could do what ever they wanted to do without worrying about the consequences.


5. Phil says, "I am not going to live by their rules anymore. You make choices and live with them." Trace Phil's journey through the seven deadly sins:

In the movie "Groundhog Day" the main character Phil seems to be stuck living the same day over and over again.  While going through the same day over and over again he comes to the conclusion that there is no tomorrow and with no tomorrow he realizes that there are no consequences and that he doesn't have to live by the rules and basically goes on a journey through the seven deadly sins.  In the beginning of the movie Phil goes through pride, he shows his pride by bragging about his abilities and how a major news station is after him.  The second sin is envy, Phil displays in envy in himself. Since he has such pride in himself he has no need to be envious of anyone else but himself. The third sin is Gluttony. Phil displays gluttony in scene were he and Rita are sitting in the dinner and in front of Phil is a bunch of cakes, ice cream, and doughnuts all of which Phil doesn't nee.  The fourth sin is Lust. Phil displays lust when he try's over and over again to get a date with that woman in the dinner.  The fifth sin is Anger. Phil displays anger when he finally snaps and goes on a mad rampage through the town with the groundhog in a truck.  The sixth sin is Greed. Phil has greed when he decides to rob the armored bank truck.  And finally the seventh sin that Phil displays is Sloth he shows this sin by thinking that he is invincible and doesn't have to live by the laws made by man and the laws made by god.

6. Phil comes to believe, "I am a God-not the God-but an immortal God. And I want you to believe in me." Does his knowledge of who everyone is and of what is to come make him godlike? Why or why not? Explain.

            Yes Phil's knowledge does make him to a certain level godlike.  I think that he is godlike because he has seen these people's lives and knows everything about them.  Another thing that makes Phil godlike is the fact that he lives this eternal life with no regrets or consequences. 

7. Like Everyman, Phil comes to realize that it is only through GOOD DEEDS that his life is capable of change. In what ways does he become almost a Super Hero in this regard?

            Phil becomes some what of a Super Hero because towards the end of the movie he starts saving peoples live.  At the end of the movie Phil seems to be in the right spot at the right time.  He does this because he lived those same exact moments the day before.  So with this knowledge Phil goes on a sort of rampage saving one life after another.  At the end of the movie Phil seems to have become some sort of Super Hero.

8. "No matter what happens tomorrow or the rest of my life-it doesn't matter because I'm happy now." Why does this revelation allow for February 3rd, tomorrow, to finally arrive? What hope is there for the future of mankind through what Phil has learned?


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