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War Poetry
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Evan Doi



Period 2


            The Soldier

1.   (A)If the speaker should die he wishes that he would be remembered as a son of England and as a part of his country that will live on forever in the fields of a foreign world.

(B)This whish shows that he's proud of home and is willing to die to protect it.

2.   According to the speaker he believes that his heart will be free of all impurities and that it should be a reminder of what a true English man is.

3.   This form allows the reader to get a understanding of what is going on and how everything ties together and ends.

4.   The authors use of imagery helps the reader see what this soldier is seeing an example of this imagery is when he says "In that rich earth a richer dust concealed; a dust whom England bore".


Dulce Et Decorum Est

5.   The speaker describer the soldiers march as if they are walking like old hags.  You learn that the soldiers are tiered and have no strength left in them to go on.

6.   The speaker describes what happens to the soldier as pain and suffering suggesting that the writer feels that war is not good and only leads to pain and suffering.

7.   The message that he's trying to convey is that you should speak of those who died in war with such zest but to speak of them as honorable and prideful of their country.

8.   The writer uses great simile in one part he mentions "His hanging face, like a devil's sick of sin" by this he's saying that the skin of the man is hanging as much as the devil is full of sin.




10. The writer describes them as citizens of death but he describes them as men that are willing to fight when need. He views them ass men of action and men of certain death.

11. The writer states that soldiers dream of baseball and happy times.

12. The poem suggest that fighting in war might be glorious but in reality it can be a miserable experience .


An Irish Airman Foresees His Death

1.   His attitude is that he sees them all as equals.  The speaker believes that he will die up in the air and that there is nothing that can change that from happening.

2.   A factor that motivates him to fight is his country the speaker is willing to fight for his country, but also the factor of death keeps him at bay.

3.   The speaker believes that its only this life that can determine what happens in death.

4.   The speaker believes that his fate is sealed in the air.


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