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Anglo Saxon study guide
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Anglo-Saxon England

1. Who were the "Angles?" They were pirates/ raiders.

2. Who were the "Saxons?" Like the Angles Saxons were also pirates/ raiders.

3. What language did these people speak?

4. Who settled England first? The Spanish

5. What language did the Gaels and Britons speak? gealic

6. Who ruled the isles for six centuries? The Britons

7. Who wrote the poetry of the Gaels? Druids wrote the Gaels poetry.

8. The Britons ruled the isles for six hundred years until they were invaded by whom? The Romans

9. Who invaded the isles in 449?

10. What would an Anglo Saxon "earl" be like today? A business man

11. What would a "churl" be? Blue collard worker

12. What would a "thrall" be? Prison worker

13. Where were Mercia and Wessex located?

14. What was "Tui" the Germanic God of? War

15. What king converted the region to Christianity? King Ethelbert

16. Who was the first scholar to record the history of the English people? Bede  

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