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Cyrano Act I study guide
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Evan Doi

English 4

Period 2




1. Why has Christian come to the play? What concern does he express to Ligniere?

2. Prior to his entry, what do learn from the others about Cyrano's appearance and personality? You learn that Cyrano has a big nose and is quite sensitive about it.

3. What does Cyrano confide to LeBret after the crowd goes home? Why did he close the play? He confides to the LeBret that he is in love.

4. How does the duenna's visit change his mood? It makes him happy because it gives him a sense that there are people that like him.

5. What favor of Cyrano does Ligniere request? How does he respond? He request that Cyrano protects him. And Cyrano accepts the request.

6. What does the fact that Cyrano gives away his entire income show about him? It shows that he is not tied down by money or wealth.

7. By the end of Act I, Cyrano has revealed much of his character through his actions. Describe him carefully by relating his actions so far. What do you think of him? He is a man of honor and pride. He is very self conscious and is will fight to protect not only his pride but others as well.

8. One of the main characteristics of this play is the witty exchanges of dialogue between Cyrano and the other characters. Choose 3 examples of his verbal attacks and explain how he "scored points" by using puns, exaggeration, and understatement.

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