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Cyrano Act III study guide
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Evan Doi

English 4

Period 2



Act 3 study guide


1. In the beginning of Act III, what does Roxanne tell Cyrano about Christian and his letters? She tells Cyrano that Christian is a wonderful poet and the he is a very charming man.

2. Explain the circumstances that lead to Cyrano's speech under the balcony to Roxanne. Christian starts to stumble over his words so Cyrano jumps in to save him.

3. During the balcony speech what does Cyrano tell Roxanne about his feelings for her? He tells her that he is in love with her.

4. Explain how Roxanne arranges for her marriage to Christian. She arranges for her marriage to Christian by fooling the priest that was sent by the Cardinal.

5. What does Cyrano do to delay DeGuiche, and what does DeGuiche do to retaliate? DeGuiche retaliates by sending both Cyrano and Christian into battle.

6. Describe Cyrano's mixed feelings when he speaks to Roxanne unseen. Cyrano wishes to express his love but knows that she does not love him the same way.

7. Explain how Cyrano's speech to Roxanne and his deception of DeGuiche each represents a triumph over physical reality. Though he is physically imperfect his description and speech both make him look like a man with none.

8. An idealist is someone who follows his or her beliefs beyond the point of practicality and who acts as if the world were better than it really is. From what you have seen of Cyrano so far, show how he is an idealist. He is an idealist because when ever someone questions him or his beliefs he is ready to fight and protect them.

9. Do you think a love like Cyrano's is actually greater than a love like Christian’s? Why or why not? Yes, Because the love that Cyrano has is one of pure love. By pure I mean he loves Roxanne with all of his heart and see no other women to match her.

10. In the balcony scene the tone shifts abruptly with Cyrano's words "Let me enjoy/the one moment I ever--" Describe the change in TONE. What other side of Cyrano is now revealed? Does this change the way you feel about him?  The tone changes from a serious one to a more sad and content tone because all though he knows that Roxanne believes that it is Christian speaking he knows that this is his one chance to tell her that he loves her.

11. Why Does Cyrano, speaking as Christian, refuse to recite poetry to reveal his feelings to Roxanne?

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