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Cyrano Act IV study guide
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Evan Doi

English 4

Period 2



Act 4 

12. What mission does Cyrano undertake each morning at Arras? Cyrano goes and sends Roxanne love letters from “Christian”.

13. How does Roxanne explain the reason for her visit to the camp to Christain? According to her, how and why has her love for him changed?

14. How does Christain feel about Roxanne's declaration? What does he ask Cyrano to do? Christain feels guilty because he knows that he has been lying to her.  So he tells Cyrano to tell Roxanne the truth about the letters.

15. What event prevents Cyrano from fulfilling Christain's request? What does Cyrano tell Christain about Roxanne's love? The attack by the Spanish foils Cyrano’s plan to fulfill Christain’s request.

16. What new dimensions does Roxanne reveal in her conversations with Christain? What does she fail to see?

17. What discoveries about Roxanne and Cyrano does Christain make in this act? Christian finds out that Cyrano is in love with Roxanne.

18. Why does Cyrano not tell Roxanne the truth about the letters? Why does he not tell Christian the truth about Roxanne? He doesn’t tell her the truth because he doesn’t want to break her heart by saying that the letters her dead husband wrote were not written by him.

19. Do you agree with Christian when he says that it  is really Cyrano whom Roxanne loves? Explain. Yes because I believe that after all that Christian has seen and heard he sees what she truly wants and how she truly feels.

20. How do you think Roxanne would have responded if Cyrano had been able to tell her the truth about the letters and his feelings for her? I think that she would be mad at him for not telling her the truth at the beginning and that she would be heart broken because not only did her husband and the one she loved lie to her but also the man that she thought of as a brother lied to her to.

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