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Ernest Essay
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Evan Doi

English 4

Period 2





Ernest Essay Prompt #1


            They say that all you need in life is your health and good friends.  Our health will always be with us but friendships come and go.  But there are those certain friendships that last forever.  But even these strongest of bonds have time of uncertainty and misunderstanding.


            Even I have encountered these unfortunate times in my own life.  It was 3 years ago I and my best friend from pre school Jason were competing for the same goal.  We were both trying for the position of Captain on our Club Hockey team.  It started out as a meaningless competition were we would show off in front of the coach.  But after time we started to take it seriously.  We would blow each other off on pass and go for goals on our own; we would also show each other up during practices.  It eventually came to the point were we wouldn’t talk to each other in the locker room or outside of hockey.  This competition went on for about a month.  Through out this time our coach had noticed how our friendship started to crumble.  He finally had made up his mind and award the Captain position to another player.  After realizing what we had done to each other over the past month Jason and I had seen how much our strive to become the best had turned us against each other.


            Though it took some time for us to start talking to each other again we finally came around.  We both looked back at the experience and found it hard to believe that friends of 11 years could turn on each other and almost end a friendship as solid as the one we had.  We thought about what might have happened if one of us had gotten the position would we have stopped being friends, would one of us have left the team.  We didn’t know the answer to these questions but we were glad that we didn’t find out.  Over the years we got use to it then finally last year Jason was awarded the Captain position and I was awarded Assistant Captain which worked out for us.


            Through my experience I have realized that no friendship is worth losing over jealousy.  The friends you make are the people that are supposed to be their for you the most they are the ones that will help you in your time of need and the ones that will be there until the end.  These are not the people that your are supposed to lose over some sort of jealousy towards them. 


            It is the things you do in a friendship that will determine how long it will last.  Some friendships are meant to last while others are just shorts streaks in life. But no matter how long the friendship may last one should not end one due to jealousy.

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