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Brave New World Chapters 1-2
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Evan Doi

English 4

Period 2




Brave New World Study Guide Chapter 1-2


Chapter One study Guide questions

1. What is the World State's motto? COMMUNITY, IDENTITY, STABILITY.

2. What is the first stop on the DHC's tour? Fertilizing Room

3. What does DHC stand for? Director of Hatchery and Conditioning

4. Society is not made up of philosophers. What type of people make up the backbone of society? fret-sawyers and stamp collectors

5. The year is A.F. 632. What does the A.F. stand for? After Ford

6. What is the Bokanovsky process? It is when an egg divides.

7. How many people can bud from a single egg? 96 people can bud from a single egg.

8. What does the term viviparous mean? The days when eggs would dived on accident.

9. Why is the Bokanovsky Process good for society? Because it leads to a stable society.

10. Where is the second, third and fourth stops on the tour?

11. How are the embryos like photographs? There like photographs because they can only stand red light.

12. How long does it take to make a baby?

13. What percentage of the females are fertile?

14. What is odd about Freemartins? There sterile.

15. How do they dummy down the babies in the embryo store? They are given alcohol.

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