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Brave New World chapter 4 study guide

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Brave New World

Study Guide questions for chapter 4
1. Who is the fat man chewing sex hormone chewing gum? Benito Hoover
2. How is Lenina treated by the men on the lift? She is stared at by all of the men.
3. What did Lenina not like about George Edsel? She didn't like how big his ears were.
4. What did she not like about Hoover? She didn't like how hairy Hoover was.
5. Where does Lenina want Marx to take her? She wants him to take her to New Mexico.
6. What is the caste of the liftman? Epsilon-Minus Semi-Moron
7. How do we know that Foster & Lenina are getting too attached?
8. Describe Hoover's disposition.
9. How late was Lenina for her date? Four minutes late
10. What is the tallest building? Charing-T Tower
11. Where is the "Red Rocket" arriving late from? New York
12. What did Lenina and Foster do at Stoke Poges? Obstacle Golf
13. Bernard's body is described as being like what caste? average Gamma
14. Bernard says, "I am I and wish I_____." wasn't
15. Where does Helmholtz work? lecturer at the College of Emotional Engineering (Department of Writing)
16. Why is Helmholtz lonely? He's to smart and people get bored of him to fast.

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