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Virtual Enterprise Final

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Evan Doi
Mr. P
27 January 2005

Virtual Enterprise Final Exam

Question #1 Meyers Briggs Test
With about four questions a website some how described my life exactly. Surprising to me the things it pointed out also work out in Virtual Enterprise. My test results would help justify my placement into the I.T. department in two ways. The first justification would be that it says I need a quiet private workplace to be in. I believe that this justifies me being I.T. because generally I.T. is a quiet workplace were each person works on their own task unlike other departments were everyone evolved works together. I also think that me needing to work in a nice quiet place is correct for I.T. because it makes me feel comfortable because I don’t like to interact with people that much and being in a somewhat secluded scenario is good for me. The second justification for me being in I.T. is that I enjoy having flexibility in my workplace. All though I.T. has deadlines like the rest of the company I feel that I have some flexibility in the way I do my tasks. Unlike other departments were I have to rely on someone getting the work to me or me getting it to someone I am able to work on the task alone and in the time and fashion that I see fit. I believe that my Meyers Briggs test will show that I have been placed in the right department because it states that I have strong interest in technology and that group interaction isn’t always my strong suit.

You're an INTP
You're on a quest for logical're motivated to examine universal truths and principles...always asking "Why?" and "Why not?"...can focus with great intensity on your appreciate elegance and efficiency in thought processes and demand it in your communication...
You might appear low key in appearance and approach, you're hard as nails when challenging a don't like to deal with the your best when developing unusual or complex can be an under- achieving but very capable student...if you don't like a rule, you're quick to challenge it and find flaws in it -- this could make you somewhat of a rebel...if you like the rule, though, you have a respect for it and go along with it...
A relentless learner in areas that hold your might seem "lost in thought" to tend to connect unrelated would rather be the architect of a plan than the implementer of need a private, quiet workplace that allows for flexible independence... would rather organize ideas than people....
You tend to stay away from traditional leadership roles, and would rather lead with your don't get emotionally involved, but rather tend to follow logical reasoning.....leisure has two dimensions to you: first, you like to concentrate and reflect on conceptual matters -- second, you like to take risks in the external world (like skydiving?)...
You like to read, think, watch TV, play with computers..(and post on the Storm Palace message bases).. sometimes you'd rather do these types of things than hang around other don't necessarily like "best sellers" or "must see" movies because you don't trust people's opinion on what's "popular" and would rather make a value judgment for yourself....
Love, for you, has three distinct phases: falling in, staying in, and getting out. falling in love is a loss of rationality for you, and you fall all or nothing phenomenon....
The "staying in love" phase is where you start to evaluate the relation- ship's structure and form. You may withdraw at this point because you're moving toward your most customary inward style and nature. A lot of the open affection stops....the giddy state changes... The "falling out of love" part (which doesn't always happen) results from an analysis of the real expectations of the realationship and needs of the relationship. Often an undefined line is crossed that neither of you knew about in advance. However, if you end it, you'll keep the relationship going as a friend in some capacity if you have a reason....
Pitfalls: don't focus too much on the inconsistencies of others...try being friendly and showing appreciation of others...being competent is very important to you, and you could be too hard on yourself....don't let your emotions take control -- you could have outbursts or appear hypersensitive...
INTP: "It's Not Theoretically Possible"

Question #2 Five Dysfunctions of a Team
It takes a group of strong, confident, and well suited people to create a company but it takes more than this to create a team. But even in a team there are weaknesses. And though we have over come some of these weaknesses we to in Virtual Enterprise can fall to the Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

Like the company in the book we to fall to these dysfunctions. Through out the semester we have come through some trying times but we have always made it through. But there are still some flaws with in our group. The first dysfunction that I believe has been evident in our company since day one is the Absence of Trust. Although we all put on happy faces when in this class there are still the thoughts of not trusting anyone. I can speak from example in my own department. Although I have the utmost respect for everyone one in my department I still don’t trust everyone. Although Scott did pull through for us and create a wonderful website I have to say that I did not trust him to finish it on time. Although I know I am probably not the only one to have not trusted anyone I know that this is present in our company. The second dysfunction is Lack of Commitment. Though in most of our departments everyone one shows a high commitment level there are still a few people that lack this level and unfortunately for a period of time I was one of these people. The time that I wasn’t committed to the team was during the commercial editing process. At this point in time I was so frustrated I gave up hope and ultimately had no commitment to the finishing of it. I soon realized how devastating this could be for the company and soon changed my mind. But even if one person has this dysfunction it can still be detrimental to the company. Finally the third dysfunction is the Inattention to Results. This dysfunction can be seen through out the entire class. Although it is not seen if you just look at the company it is very relevant if you would walk around and listen to what people talk about. But it might not be what their talking about it can also be what there doing or not doing. Cause not all of the time are people working on what they need to do sometimes their off task and not working for the common goal.

Though we encounter some of the dysfunctions in our company we don’t see them all. The one dysfunction that is not evident in our company is the Fear of Conflict. Unlike the other dysfunctions were there not really seen this one is extremely evident. Our company is made up of people that are not afraid to speak their minds or voice their opinion. For example and I don’t mean to pick on any particular people or departments but H.R. although funny voice their opinions to each other just about everyday were in departments. Or I.T. were we question each others abilities. Though we mean good we are not afraid to do so.

I think that all of the dysfunctions that we have in our company all fall back on one main problem. I believe that our main problem is communication. Think that if we want to break away from thee dysfunctions that everyone in the company has to communicate with each other. Meaning that if someone needs something from another person then that person needs to go to that person and talk to them instead of sitting at their desk complaining that the person hasn’t given them the stuff. Another way we could work on our communication skills is to make sure that when you go to talk to someone that you talk to them one on one not when there in the middle of a conversation because then they have a chance to forget what you said. And finally I believe that we can work on our communication skills by devising a system were if we need something that we email the person and that everyone in the class should check their emails on a regular basis.
Though a team might seem stable it can still crumble with just the tiniest of problems. And that we have to work as a team to over come these things.

Question #3 The Apprentice

Mission Viejo High School
E-core program

To: Mr. P
From: Evan Doi
Subject: apprentice final
Date: 27 January 2005

Below is the information that you requested.
The Apprentice a show were some of the most qualified people in the business world go head to head for the chance of a life time. But with this variety of people to watch one finds themselves relating to one specific person. The one person that I could relate to was Andy. One of the major reasons that I found myself relating to Andy was the fact that he was the youngest person there. Just like how Andy was the youngest person on the show I myself am the youngest person working at Park Place Funding and might soon be the youngest loan agent there. I found this interesting because like how he was the young gun I found myself also being the young gun in things that I do. Another reason why I can relate to Andy is that he was National Debating Champion. Although I was never National Debating Champion I find that when I have an opportunity to debate I jump on it. And like how Andy used is speaking skills to get out of a few board rooms I to can sometimes use my speaking skills to also get out of some situations. Although I can relate with Andy on certain levels there are still some stuff that make us different One being that He is a graduate of Harvard University. I can never in my wildest dreams think of getting into that school.

Step 4 of The Apprentice Final
Though only one can win there are so many that deserved to win. Though the winner proved that they are worthy of the job and the challenge there are still those that could have risen to the challenge but weren’t given the opportunity to do so. Though Kelly won and rose to the challenge I believe if given a second chance Kevin could have achieved the ultimate goal.
Though Kevin wasn’t team leader a lot he proved himself as a strong member of the team in each of the tasks he was involved in. One thing that made Kevin stand out was that he was on everyone’s side. Unlike the other apprentices were they would argue with one another Kevin would take the time to hear everyone’s side and he wouldn’t chose sides. Now in my mind this shows a great leader. This also showed that he was never really on the bad side of anyone showing that he is a great team player.
But its not only being able to be on the good side of your teammates that makes you a good team player.. Kevin would also work hard with the team leaders. He would make sure that their point was being taken seriously and that people in the team would follow. By doing this he showed that he can take orders and pull through for the team.
And finally Kevin’s determination to get the job done made him a good candidate for the job. In one of the episodes he stayed late with the project leader just to get the job done. It was the level of commitment and determination that helped show how much pride and effort he was willing to put into the job.
With determination, hard work, and good speaking skills Kevin showed to the world how he was perfect for the job and how he would work hard for anyone he worked for.

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