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Within this project you will see a selection of the different stocks that was purchased by me and my partner during the stock market simulation. There are detailed information about each stock and some suggestion on wither or not to buy the stock. There are even facts that can help describe the companies. Also with in this project there are stocks displaying the results of the company for the past ten weeks. With the stock information there are also answers to questions posted on the rubric and there are the results of survey part of the project.

Sony Corporation (Summary)
The electronic giant known as Sony was founded May 17, 1946. Sony is a $71 million company that has brought to the world some of the greatest advancements in entertainment technology. The Sony Corp. has their hands in several different product categories such as: Audio, Video, Televisions, Information and Communications, Semiconductors, and Electronic components. Sony is one of the perennial powerhouses when it comes to electronic goods and helps lead the way in home entertainment.

Facts about Sony

(a) Was founded May 17, 1946
(b) Annual revenues exceed $71 million
(c) At their manufacturing plants in China and other parts of Asia Sony employees around 162,000 people.
(d) Sony holds 12 offices in Japan
(e) Sony also has several offices in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia

Why chose Sony

For the past decade or more Sony has been one of the Worlds leading producer in Electronic goods. From T.V. and video game systems to home theater systems and computers Sony has been on the leading edge when hit comes to electronics. With addition of the Playstation Portable Sony has only increased the potential of this great Electronic Dynasty. But Sony also has a strong hand in the entertainment industry with Sony entertainment and several well known movies under its belt. So for as long as we have dramatic advancements in technology so will Sony continue to grow and bring money to the world economy.

Why not to chose Sony

Though Sony is a perennial powerhouse when it comes to electronics there are some draw backs. For instance with the PSP, there are only a few games and movies out for the PSP which bring a limited choice in what you can do with it which might detour people from buying the PSP. This reluctance to buy could hurt Sony but it might not hurt it to an extent that would bring the corporation down.

The Bottom Line

With the constant advances in personal electronics Sony has no were to go but up. And with this increase we should see a lot more of Sony in the future. So if you have faith in the advances of technology then put some faith into Sony.

YAHOO! (summary)

Yahoo is one of the worlds biggest internet search engines. Yahoo allows people all around the world to search from a array of categories for what ever their looking for. Even though it is one of the worlds biggest search engines it also has a huge selection of other uses. Yahoo allows people to check stocks, news, sports, and many other categories.

Facts about YAHOO!
(a) Over a $3 million a year corporation.
(b) In the last three months revenues have increased 55%
(c) Net income is now at $204.6 million from $101.2 million
(d) Currently employees 7,600 people

Why Choose YAHOO!

Yahoo should be considered due to the major fact that it is one of the worlds biggest search engines. Also with the constant increase with people using the internet Yahoo’s use can be dramatically increased. Also with the other many features that Yahoo has to offer there seems to be no end to its use.

Why you shouldn’t choose YAHOO!

One major factor that can be a deterrent from choosing Yahoo is that it’s not the only search engine out there. There are several others that can put out a better product and service that can take away from Yahoo.

The bottom line

As more and more people join the cyber world the need for a good search engine will always be out there. So there will always be a need for Yahoo and its many different features.

Microsoft (Summary)

Microsoft is the world’s biggest software producing company. With its founder Bill Gates Microsoft has brought to the world one of the worlds greatest operating systems in Windows. Windows has revolutionized the use of computers and how they run. Along with an operating system that has revolutionized computers Microsoft also has made a huge impact in the gaming world with Microsoft games but Xbox as well. Microsoft has built a strong organization that has lead the world in technology.

Facts about Microsoft
(a) $32 million company
(b) employees 57,000 people
(c) William Gates III is the chairman and chief software architect
(d) Sector: Technology, Industry: Software and Programming

Reasons to choose Microsoft

With an increase of net income of 56% to make an $8.55 billion revenue Microsoft is showing an increase that can make help sway the way that it goes in the stock market. Also with the advances in computer technology Microsoft will be able to add to the growing numbers of new computer and the demand for newer and better software. Also with very little competitors and the fact that almost every computer in the world runs off of a Microsoft based operating system Microsoft has made a strong foot hold in the computer industry that it doesn’t look like it’s going to lose.

Reasons why you shouldn’t choose Microsoft

Although Microsoft by far the worlds strongest computer software company it does have its flaws. Since Windows is such a wide spread software it is susceptible to hackers. And with this risk of be hacked people grow fearful of how safe the program is which can and may detour people from using thus lowering sales and lowering the stock. Also with its wide spread use the company will have to create newer and better software to keeps up with the times which could lead to a high price in spending.

The bottom line

The bottom line is that Microsoft is by far the worlds greatest software company and can only get stronger. And with this power it has a big influence on the stock market and its is up to the company to keeps its popularity with the people up so people will continue to buy their product and believe in the company.

Summary Motorola

Motorola is a provider of wireless, broadband and automotive communications technologies and embedded electronic products. It provides wireless handsets, which transmit and receive voice, text, images and other forms of information. It also provides mission-critical radio communications and information systems. Motorola develops and deploys end-to-end digital broadband entertainment, communication and information systems. It offers embedded telematics systems that enable automated roadside assistance, navigation and safety features for automobiles. Motorola has six segments: Personal Communications, Global Telecom Solutions, Commercial, Government and Industrial Solutions, Integrated Electronic Systems, Broadband Communications and Other Products.

Facts about Motorola
(a) Employees 68,000 people
(b) $5 million a year corporation
(c) Sector: Technology
(d) Industry: Communications and Equipment

Reasons to choose Motorola

As one of the many different mobile phone makers Motorola has come out as one of the great contenders. With the introduction of the new Razor phone Motorola hopes to capitalize on this new piece of mobile technology. With ties to Cingular and other cell phone service providers Motorola has a stable market which means good things for its stocks and revenues.

Reasons why not to choose Motorola

One major factor that can hinder Motorola is the fact that its only one mobile phone company out of a field of many. With such strong competitors as Sony, Nokia, and LG this gives people a big variety which could make them choose other manufacturers over Motorola. With this variety Motorola might not have the capabilities to keep up and could lose business.

The bottom line

If Motorola continues to create new more defining phones it has a chance at putting up a fair fight in the communications business. Also it could help lead the way in cell phone technology. Motorola’s choices are infinite.

1. What was your biggest gainer? Sony
2. What was your biggest loser? Motorola
3. Did you make money overall or did you lose money? We lost a total of $2,400
4. Which stock in your portfolio had very little change? Yahoo!
5. What was your most volatile stock?
6. Did you sell anything before it actually dropped? If so which ones and why? No we didn’t but we should have because things would have been a lot easier.
7. Did you use the teacup method and catch a stock before it rose? If so which ones? No
8. What was the determining factor when you purchased stock? What made you buy a certain stock? Some Personal preferences and some inside knowledge of the company meaning personal knowledge.


Thus concludes the Stock Market project. From this project I have learned many things. I have learned how the markets work and I have also learned some interesting facts on companies that I didn’t even know about. In all this project has opened a new world to me and has gotten my mind set on the future and on a new way of insuring that I have a good future to. I hope to apply the skills and knowledge that I have gotten from the simulation and the project to use in the future with my own stock decisions.

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